Bedding Queen Size

There are several design options to choose for your queen size bed. Let us help you get started.

You’re looking for a queen size bed for your room, but your mind is boggled with the sheer variety of beddings and bed designs on offer. How can you possibly choose what you need to buy?

Take a step back. What is your exact requirement? You can customize your bed to your liking and need. Here’s how you should shop for a queen size bed:

Material: Do you want an entirely wooden bed? Get one that is crafted finely and sanded to perfection. However, wood is susceptible to pest attacks from termites or wood borer. Or if you are an environmentally-conscious person, you could opt for a cast iron frame that looks elegant but is extremely heavy. You can even get a bed with a hollow steel frame to reduce its weight.

Do you need extra space? The space under your bed can be put to very good use. Look for a bed that has large drawers underneath – the entire bedding and extra pillows can be stored there. This will free up space that your bedding would normally take up in your wardrobe. The drawers should open easily and should be deep. Install sturdy knobs on the sides and get the sliding channels well-oiled beforehand.

Bedding Queen Size

What kind of bedding? What is your choice of bedding? Do you like floral prints or geometric ones? Do you like dark colours or pastel shades? Whatever your choice of design, get bedding that will complement your bed. The bed sheet should be large enough to cover your mattress comfortably. Take into account the size of your pillows before you buy pillow covers. The top sheet should be light cotton.The colour and material of your bedding will depend on the climate of the place you live in, but normally, cotton sheets are a safe bet. Don’t opt for satin bed sheets because they are difficult to take care of.

A comfortable mattress: Measure your bed carefully before you order a mattress. Normally, a Queen-size bed measures about 80 inches x 60 inches. You mattress will measure just slightly less than that. Test out the mattress by sitting on it and even lying down on it. If it dips with your weight, look for another one. The mattress you buy should be firm but not hard; it should support your spine and evenly distribute your weight without making your back stiff.

A good headrest. Look for a bed with a padded headrest. This is great for the times you sit up reading late into the night. You are less likely to hurt yourself on the head with a padded headrest than a bare wooden or iron frame one.

– A seat at the foot of the bed. Install a comfortable seat at the foot of the bed, under which you can store your shoes, extra cushions, extra clothes and other odds and ends. It also serves as an extra seat for late night conversations!